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A4 Portretposter Chris Muyres.jpg

Label of the Elements city prints, birth prints and baby gifts are made

by the Lab Dads.

The Lab Dads are two Dutch guys who find inspiration in travel,

design, chemistry and the world of their kids.


While helping their kids with homework, the Lab Dads rediscovered the graphic beauty of the Periodic Table of the Elements. It became the blueprint for their brand Label of the Elements. But ephemera such as vintage bingo cards also trigger their creativity. The Lab Dads mix all these ingredients into beautiful prints with a nerdy edge. So the prints are not only graphically attractive, but also smart and fun.


A4 Portretposter Stan Severin.jpg
The notebook with the sketches of our new cityposters idea label of the elements



the logo of label of the elements is a whale because a whale is a traveler. It travels up to 20.000 kilometers a year.

Did you know a whale travels up to 20.000 kilometers a year?

This is why we chose a whale to be our logo.

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