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Amsterdam prints

Amsterdam prints

About the colour: Elm green

Amsterdam has the biggest population of elm trees in the world. You can see them everywhere along the canals and in the parks. The first time the elms of Amsterdam are explicitly mentioned, is in a poem from 1662 by Melchior Fokkens. Elms flower before their leaves appear. When the trees loose their seeds in spring it can look as if it's snowing. So in Amsterdam sometimes it snows in April.


A2 Poster - colour € 29.95

A3 Poster - colour / b&w € 19.95

A4 Poster - colour / b&w € 14.95

A6 Postcard - colour / b&w € 2

  • Planet friendly prints

    Label of the Elements posters and postcards are printed on premium heavy weight paper, which is planet friendly (FSC, TCF) and has a natural off-white look. The state of the art printing technique that is used guarantees a minimum of waste of paper and inks.

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