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San Francisco prints

San Francisco prints

About the colour: Golden Gate Bridge International Orange

When the steel for the Golden Gate Bridge was fabricated it was coated with a red lead primer. Consulting architect Irving F. Morrow became inspired by that colour when he watched the bridge being constructed in the 1930s. It led him to choose Golden Gate Bridge International Orange as the definitive hue for the bridge. A daring choise that has worked out extemely well.


A2 Poster € 29.95

A3 Poster € 19.95

A4 Poster € 14.95

A6 Postcard € 2

  • Planet friendly prints

    Label of the Elements posters and postcards are printed on premium heavy weight paper, which is planet friendly (FSC, TCF) and has a natural off-white look. The state of the art printing technique that is used guarantees a minimum of waste of paper and inks.

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