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Eindhoven prints

Eindhoven prints

About the colour: 2700 Kelvin

Eindhoven has grown from a little town in 1232 to one of the most important cities in the Netherlands thanks to successful companies like DAF Trucks and especially Philips. Philips, now amongst the largest electronics firms in the world, started out as a light bulb factory. 2700 Kelvin is the colour temperature of a traditional light bulb. In our opinion that’s a very suitable hue for Eindhoven or the ‘city of light,’ as it is still called by the Dutch.


A3 Poster € 19.95

A4 Poster € 14.95

A6 Postcard € 2


  • Planet friendly prints

    Label of the Elements posters and postcards are printed on premium heavy weight paper, which is planet friendly (FSC, TCF) and has a natural off-white look. The state of the art printing technique that is used guarantees a minimum of waste of paper and inks.

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