Label of the Elements city prints, birth prints and baby gifts

is run by the Lab Dads.

The Lab Dads are two Dutch guys who find inspiration in travel, design, chemistry and the world of their kids.


While helping their kids with homework, the Lab Dads rediscovered the graphic beauty of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Thus it became the blueprint for their brand Label of the Elements. But also printed matter such as vintage bingo cards triggers their creativity. The Lab Dads mix all these ingredients into beautiful prints with a nerdy edge. So the prints are not only graphically attractive, but also smart and fun.

All the colors we pick have been researched.

Frans Hals civic guards / Haarlem

The most celebrated painter of Haarlem, Frans Hals (1582-1666), is honoured with a fabulous museum in the city. His ability to convincingly paint facial expressions was quite unique. In his 'Schuttersstukken' (enormous group portraits of civic guards) Hals used brownish red and orange hues for the sashes of the guards, which are lively accents in the masterworks. 


Circle Line / London

The iconic Tube map of the London Underground was designed by Harry Beck in 1931. What's so brilliant about it, is that it is not geographically accurate, but rather shows the relative positions of the stations, 


All connected by one system.

Our instantly recognizable designs are based

on the Periodic Table of the Elements from chemistry.


For our city prints we arrange every city in the world in a similar, colorful system that links them all together.

Our name prints, birth announcement cards, Baby Bingo and Baby Mail are also inspired by the layout of the elements in the Periodic Table.